Applying for British Citizenship: Fees and Processing Times 1

Becoming a British Citizen

After living in the United Kingdom for a set number of years, non-British residents may be eligible to apply for British citizenship. Securing citizenship allows for greater freedom of movement, employment opportunities, and social benefits. Moreover, becoming a citizen opens the door to participate in the UK’s democratic processes by allowing residents to vote in elections. However, the process of applying for citizenship can be a complicated and lengthy process, and can seem daunting to some.

The Fees for Applying for British Citizenship

The fees for applying for British citizenship can be quite high. Individuals must be prepared to pay a fee of £1,330 as of 2021, which is subject to change. This fee goes towards covering the cost of processing the application and maintaining the country’s immigration system. However, there may be additional associated costs, such as the £19.20 cost for postage and the £19.20 fee for the Citizenship Ceremony, which is to be paid after the application is approved. Furthermore, fees for legal advice and representation should also be taken into account, as, depending on an individual’s situation, the application may require further support.

Processing Times for British Citizenship

The UK government lists that processing times for British citizenship applications take around six months, or approximately 120 business days, from the moment that the application is submitted. This timeline applies to almost all individuals, whether applying on the basis of residency or employment. However, it should be noted that processing times can vary and may take longer. This is especially true if the application is incomplete or missing key components. Moreover, if there are any issues with an individual’s application, such as a criminal record, previous fraudulent visa applications, or an incorrect tax record, it may cause additional delays to the process. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that all required documents are in order before beginning the application process.

Exceptions to Processing Times

Although the standard processing time for citizenship applications is around six months, there are a few exceptions where applications can take much longer. One exception is when an application is submitted by an individual who has served within the British armed forces. Such cases are often expedited so that service members can be granted citizenship as soon as possible. Another exception is for applications made by those who are stateless, refugees, or who have a claim to asylum; their cases are also dealt with on a priority basis to ensure that they can settle in the UK.


Becoming a British citizen can be a time-consuming and costly process. However, for many, it brings a world of new opportunities and opens doors to benefits that are not available to those without citizenship. As the processing times for citizenship applications can vary based on a variety of factors, it is critical to be prepared and informed at every step of the application process in order to avoid further delays. Keep learning about the topic by visiting this carefully selected external website., unveil fresh viewpoints and supplementary details to enrich your understanding of the topic.

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